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Formulating Our Pricing

In formulating pricing for this engagement, our agency will utilize job descriptions provided by your representatives and compile a competitive wage analysis. The rates prevailing wage/mark up for the various positions in the Secaucus market would determine what our rates would be. Our agency believes in the importance of offering a competitive wage because of the positive effects it has in terms of reducing turn over, increasing worker loyalty and satisfaction, as well as the long-term savings on training costs, safety, and productivity that you can realize. These bill rates cover regular, non-overtime hours worked by an employee.
Overtime would be billed at 1.5 times the regular bill rate. The bill rate is all-inclusive and covers all applicable employment costs as well as the testing, screening, and service costs outlined in this document. If you would like pricing on lead positions, supervisors, or any other additional types of positions, please let us know.

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You may decide to bring one of our agency Employees onto its payroll after they have worked out their conversion period. The conversion period for an Agency employee is 750 hours. After 750 hours, you can bring an Agency employee onto its payroll. If you decides it would like to bring an employee of Agency on board prior to the completion of 750 hours, you can do so for a one-time fee of twenty five percent (25%) of the employees first year annualized salary. The twenty five percent (25%) fee will be pro-rated depending on the amount of time the individual worked on the assignment for our agency at your work site. For example, if the employee worked 325 hours prior to going permanent with you, the fee would be 12.5% of that individual’s annualized salary.

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Direct Hire

Our agency can provide Direct Hire services at your request. We would work with you to determine the exact s pecifications, scope, and quantity of positions involved. We will then present you with candidates for your vacancy. We will work collaboratively with you to select and interview the candidates that best fit their needs. If one of these candidates is hired, you will pay The Lord Staffing’s fee equivalent to twenty five percent (25%) of that individual’s first year’s salary including any bonuses, commissions and other remuneration to which the candidate may be entitled.

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Our Competitive Rates

Our agency can provide payroll services at the request of Customer. Any candidate that you wish to be on a payroll status can be brought on a 27% mark-up over their pay rate. Conversion periods or fees would not be applicable to anyone on a payroll status if you decided to make them a part of your permanent staff.